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!! OMG, it's a wooly woof wide: pugs go sledding! !!

OMG, it's a wooly woof wide: pugs go sledding! [socialitelife]

Dutch Golden Girls [dlisted]

First webisode of 'The 3 Bits': trying to orgynise an orgy [towleroad]

Fishy facts: Pew discover a correlation between marriage equality intolerance and sushi aversion [queerty]

Prince cHARRYty [celebitchy]

Evan & Andre by Christopher Logan [ohlala]

Eh?: Rodman "loves" Kim Jong Un :s [celebcafe]

Melanie Lynx's 'Naked Heart' [arjan]

Kathy Bates Vs Jessica Lange in 'AHS' season 3 [popbytes]

Sub-way-baybay: gay couple adopts baby found in subway [jezebel]

GO!: Trailer for 'The Go Doc Project' [kenneth]

Anastacia has cancer AGAIN :( [evilbeet]

The Full Monty Vs Magic Mike [afterelton]

Jennifer Lawrence on her photoshopped Dior shots [amygrindhouse]

John Grant's 'Pale Green Ghosts' [joemygod]

Jet magazine twit rant a ru-pology @Fantasia [tabloidprodigy]

Holly Madison plans to pop placenta pills [theblemish]

Accidental inventions [doubleviking]

OMG, DO NOT ERASE: Bollywood's Priyanka Chopra's circuit banger: 'Erase'
OMG, BRING BACK MY GIYRLS: 'Most Popular Girls of 'Drag Race''
OMG, a-Dior-able: Dior Homme's 'Underpass'
OMG, he's Messing with you: "It's Debra Messing, You Gays!"
OMG, pipe down Mr: Pee-Wee interviews Alex Jones

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, March 1, 2013
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