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!! OMG, “Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo”: Tate&Lyle’s edible hotel !!

Tonight, for one night only, British sugar-mamas Tate & Lyle open the doors to their edible hotel in Soho, London.
There’s 3 floors of themed rooms with macaroon walls, meringue rugs, fudge windowsills, edible books and when you’ve eaten yourself into a sugar-food coma, there’s vanilla-sponge cushions to lay your cotton-candy head on.
Guests to the edible hotel can visit the Mediterranean bedroom with edible bunting, rape-and-pillage a treasure chest of sugar-pearls and ginger spiced doubloons in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ room, and re-diSUGAR the South Pacific through an Easter Island statue made of chocolate mud cake.
You can see some behind the scenes and promo shots below.
Don’t forget, sharing is caring, you know some Willy Wanker is going to go in there all tongues blazing and BINGE-TONGUE-PUNCH the lot!

Edible hotel-1773352.jpg
[via metro]

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