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!! OMG, Queen Bee: Fear Of Men's 'Seer' !!

Bee-lover Fear of Men's new single is entitled 'Seer' hence the lyrics "you say you are a seer" I'm like "what the shite is a seer?" So i googly goggle 'seer'...and Wiki gives me options; the first being "A clairvoyant, prophet, oracle, or diviner", the next reads as "THE Seer (Charmed), a fictional character on the television series Charmed"!

So I'm now thinking, oh Fear of Men, you're just a totally massive Charmed fan aren't you? You too would love to be one of the CHARMED KARDASHIAN WITCH-SISTERS with combined powers that could defeat evil but no dress-sense whatsoever?! Me too !

I love her voice, and I'm totally hearing The Cranberries' hill-yelling lilt and harmonies "yaaaeeehaaayaaaaarrrrrr". So basically Charmed and The can't top a pop-culture pairing like that...except by adding killer bees of course.

[via GVB]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, March 12, 2013
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