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!! OMG, RIBBIT!: Bobby Womack's 'It's Been a Long Night' !!

When I listened to the first line of Womack's new release and I heard him croak "computer", I knew this meant I was going to get either 'teaching grandpa how to use Coral Draw' or 'Kate Bush's Hagrid Coltrane addicted to internet porn 'Deeper Understanding' super duper'!
Luckily it was the latter; as soon as the verse kicked in, with it's low-fi keyboard jabs under Bobby's CROAKY SOUL-TOAD SING-A-LONG it was impossible not to -as Mary 'Poppers' once said- "step in time, step in time".
I'm not a big fan of the chorus but it's never long 'til the verse comes back around.

"you were warm, sheets were cold, I didn't have to be TOAD"

...erm, Bob, do you mean "told" or are you referring to the fact that you are the king of the croaky soul-toads?!

[via stereogum]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Thursday, March 28, 2013
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