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!! OMG, She WAS somebody: [ft. Octavia St Laurent] House of Wallenberg's 'Be Somebody' !!


Somebody who knew a thing or two about being somebody was trans singer Octavia St Laurent, who you may recognise from the seminal ball-scene documentary 'Paris Is Burning'.
Octavia died of cancer in 2009, having also spent a large portion of her life battling AIDS.
Her vocals and memory are captured in House of Wallenberg's self-directed video for 'Be Somebody', featuring voguers from the 'Homes' of Ninja, Evisu and Milan, and a homeless man who also knows something else about being somebody.

The single is due to drop on March 18th and will include a B-side 'Be Somebody Part ll' featuring fellow Sweden-based Buffalo Stander Neneh Cherry [love love love] !

Work me god damn it !

[via discobelle]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, March 25, 2013
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