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!! OMG, what a Rotten review: Johnny Rotten reviews Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ !!

Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten reviews Katy Perry’s “‘All Of Me’ or ‘Something Of Me’ or ‘Little Bits & Pieces Of Me’“…geez Johnny, it’s not a blooming horror film, but I guess he does point out that he’s not generally a film critic, and we’ll let him continue [“or die”] as -you know- he would like God to save the queen and he is wearing an amazing OVERSIZED CARAMEL-MACK to complete his golden-oldie pirate ensemble.
He makes generous hair care recommendations, calls her dad a “nutter skinhead priest” and becomes beadily “interested in [Katy’s] other areas”, by this he means her COTTON CANDY MOUND I think.

“I don’t like dem songs..cacky pop fodder…This is what can happen when you spoil your children!”

I want Johnny to have his own film critique show on the regular…‘ROTTEN REVIEWS’…please!
[via papermag]

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