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!! OMG, all sorts of ponies: Haerts’ ‘Wings’ !!

If the first few shots of a music video feature a big girl in a turtle-kneck knit doing TWIST BRAIDS, some sparkly plasti-gems and hairy neon rubber strobe balls and a couple of cutsie Jehovasses’ at the screen door, you can take this as an indication to watch on.
Directed by Emily Kai Bock [Grimes, Doldrums, Grizzy Bear directorial fame], the super 8 video diary day is cute and as you watch on there’s a definite pony theme creeping in:
First there’s the sea-pony in the aquarium, then Grampsie turns up at the house:

…”no Grandpa you can NOT come through that screen door, not ’till you cut that awful greying pony off”

…at which point it cuts to some grey ponies frolicking in a field!
Basically, ponies, ponies, ponies!
[via disconaïvete]

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