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!! OMG, AMazen!: Middle Eastern fashion photographer Mazen Abusrour !!


OMG, AMazen!: Middle Eastern fashion photographer Mazen Abusrour [ohlala]

Rubber necking: the condom challenge [dlisted]

MAGICAL!: EJ Johnson video interview [towleroad]

Down under over across: rainbow crosswalks in Sydney [queerty]

Angelina Foalie: Jolie's LaChapelle photies go to auction at Christie's [celebitchy]

Hindus offended by Selena's bindi bejazzle-dazzle [celebcafe]

Whom?: Betty Who's mpfree album 'The Movement' [arjan]

Ri.PP.Ed!: Will.I.Am steals like a whole blooming song off someone else. Don't snatch girl! [popbytes]

Beyoncé's sparkly golden goddess nips rule the world tour [jezebel]

Hamming it up: Jon Hamm on Sesame Street [socialitelife]

Andy War-house: take a tour of Andy's old pad [kenneth]

Fur sog: Kat & Mau5 are organising their underwater-themed wedding [evilbeet]

The 5 best moments of the NNN Awards [afterelton]

Cici Vs Riri: Ciara & Rihanna's Twitter twatter spatter [amygrindhouse via cottenkandi]

Joe Barba & WON's video for 'Face Simmetry' [joemygod]

Paris Jacko speaks about daddy MJ [tabloidprodigy]

Coachillin': Kristen and Robert at Coachella, together [theblemish]

Get down from there right now: real life daredevils [doubleviking]

OMG, hazmaterial girl: 'Back To The Future' by Mazen Abusrour
OMG, FLOORLESS: TV Show-home floor plans
OMG, he's Messing with you: "It's Debra Messing, You Gays!"
OMG, "Everyone has been doing emails": Britney explains 'E-mail My Heart'
OMG, leaky hose: Hi Fashion's 'EIGHTEEN'

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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» posted by Cotten Kandi | April 17, 2013 7:49 PM

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