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!! OMG, come and – jump on it – riding – my brony: ‘Bronies’ trailer !!

I am not ashamed to say, the very first time I met my husband we totally bonded over ‘My Little Pony’, in fact I once was almost refused entry into the country based on the fact that I was shy to declare something to the border official, it being a ‘My Little Pony’ dvd signed by Tilda Swinton, I just figured they wouldn’t even let me in…given that there’s nothing that screams inappropriate immigrant than a love of PASTEL -SPARKLE STUMPY SQUEALING PRE-TEEN PONIES!
Well it’s nice to know I’m not the only one, my fellow ‘brony’ Brake sent me the trailer to the doc all about boys who love them ‘Guy Little Ponies’, and Bronycon, which this year will be in Baltimore…so if ‘Dungeons and Fag-ons’ speed-dating on Thursday nights hasn’t yet found you your perfect match, try Bronycon’s ‘Fag-Tag’, where -obviously- “Friendship Is Magic”; Baltimore Convention Centre, August 2nd-4th.

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