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!! OMG, don't be sorry: logitech4873's 'I'm So Sorry' !!

When Louis CK said "suck a bag of dicks", I feel like this video gives a pretty good visualisation of what that might look like.
Norwegian Youtube user 'logitech4873' uploaded it a few days back, with the description:

"I'm so sorry for spending 62 hours rendering this shit. I really am"

Don't be sorry, what's more worth your while than rendering a pile of fleshy peens all shiny and glistening?

Like the FLESHERMAN emptying his net of a days catch of cock-fish!
The eel peen is the one I'm after, I thought it was going to fall forever, and it would satisfy the appetite of even the most ravenous of flesh-mongering bottom boys.

[via bullett]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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