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!! OMG, Enya soundtracked fish fillet: Eric the Merman !!

OMG, Enya soundtracked fish fillet: Eric the Merman [dlisted]
Lindsay Lohan is a pile of trash…literally [towleroad]
‘Fashion Cares’ in their underwears [queerty]
Justin Beliebs he is blessed: Bieber for Teen Vogue [celebitchy]
California roly-poly: Hedi Slimane’s ‘California Boy’ [ohlala]
Kobe shows support for Magic’s magical gay son [celebcafe]
Matthew Koma’s ‘One Night’ [arjan]
NJOY this: Courtney Love gets all mouthy about a fake cigarette [popbytes]
Ivy Winters’ Wonderland: Ivy’s makeup time-lapse [jezebel]
This cat likes cheese…toe cheese [socialitelife]
David Sedaris ‘Explore[s] Diabetes…With Owls’ [kenneth]
Project Floata-way: Heidi Klum saves drowning nanny [evilbeet]

Nicole Sherzinger
doesn’t want you to cry for her…Argentina [afterelton]
Mariah’s hopping mad [amygrindhouse]
‘LGBT & Undocumented’ immigrants [joemygod]
‘Back to Black’: BeyoncĂ© to cover Winehouse [tabloidprodigy]
Ke$ha had sex with Johnny Depp…eyeball sex…apparently…maybe…sort of [theblemish]
‘Game Of Thrones’ fun facts [doubleviking]

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