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!! OMG, first off...: 'Sofia The First' will make you 'funny' !!


You may thing that Sofia is a little barch, you may think she's a total fag hag or like me you might just be totes jealous of her HOT CHIC KNEE-LENGTH VIOLET NUMBERS of which she has many [which then convinces me she is a little baarch and a total fag hag].
I think I'd much rather buy my son a 'Sabrina the Teenage Bitch' dvd because at least then he'd have fierce powers and a cute talking cat to aspire to, but I was touched by the middle finger flipping of the old [probably ex-Disney Princess] granny who bought Sam a 'Sofia The First' dvd last Friday in Walfart Walmart.


[via HuffPost]

OMG, gossip: Ryan Gosling is single again
OMG, b-e-a-utiful: Ellen and Sofia are CoverGirls
OMG, Kanye took that Kelly Rolland/Jlo diamante-lip look a bit too far: he bejizzled all over his head
OMG, tiniest, most-tiltedest: Snakes wearing tiny hats
OMG, Ursula's lighting collection for Bed Bath & Beyond: Octopus Chandeliers

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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