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!! OMG, Fish You Were Here: The Face of Furry Creek !!

Now that Naomi Campbell has finished announcing herself as the winner of 'The Face', it's time to go fishing for 'the other Face', this time for a small Canadian mountain town known as Furry Creek; although these hopefuls look like they are partaking in the spinoff series called 'FACE LOOKS LIKE A FURRY CREEK'.

Starring, among others, Cotton Venus; head of Vancouver drag slags 'House Of Venus' and directed by Mark Kenneth Woods, the series begins on OUT.TV Canada on June 3rd.

...and if everything goes tits-up for the contestants, well I guess they'll be without a spanking paddle up FURRY SHIT CREEK, I know I've been there on holiday before!

OMG, and the winner of The Face of Furry Creek is...?: ew, gross !
OMG, visiting hours are so over!: Visit Furry Creek
OMG, pearls, glitter and rhinestones: The Face of Furry Creek, week 1; Auditions
OMG, #SISTERHOODRATS: 'Gurl' by the bros of Furry Creek
OMG, Petunia puts her proud-foot forward: Face of Furry Creek, episode 3 roundup

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, April 19, 2013
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