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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, fluffin’ his muffin: Is Tropical’s ‘Dancing Anymore’ !!

French trio ‘Is Tropical’ are not very tropical, they are however nasty boys who like dirty things like guns and bonking voluminously chested girls and such. They collaborated with video makers MEGAFORCE about a year back on their video for ‘The Greeks’ which featured school boys super-soaking each other in an anime massacre, and now they have enlisted that same MEGAFORCE for their new SOGGY DREAM HENTAI video for ‘Dancing Anymore’, which pretty much captures what happens when you leave a teenager with hands and a choc-a-block imagination in a big fancy house for 5 minutes.
I’ve stuck the video after the jump as it’s extremely explicit, and also anyway someone should tell that kid it’ll blooming fall off if he keeps fiddling with it like that, honey you’ll literally PULL IT’S HEAD RIGHT OFF!

[via YMT]

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    WTF did I just see?

    I just laughed my ass off….Super funny!

    five minutes of straight porn…

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