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!! OMG, like a version: Adeyhawke’s ‘Looker’ & ‘Storm Runner’ !!

Irish potato producer Adeyhawke is obsessed much [?] by 80s space glamazons and such the like. His visuals and noisicles are classic 80s heroine chic and he’s remade The Bangles’ ‘Walk like an Egyptian’, as well as remixed fellow 80s thrower backer Anoraak’s 2008 [via 1988] ‘Nightdrive With You’.

A few days ago he released ‘Looker’, which follows from his recent ‘Blade Runner’/’Storm Trooper’ name-smudgey ‘Storm Runner’. They make me want to don some sci-fi shoulder pads and PUSH A BITCH DOWN THE STAIRS!
[via discobelle]

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