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!! OMG, long weekend: Azealia Banks' No Problems !!

Azealia finally RUpologised to Angel Haze over whatever it was that something something something or whatever...well at least this fun song came out of all that pop plop that happened, and now we have a video filmed at ULTRA Festival in Miami, where skanks and dudes go to erm dump their fashion-fails and dress as earth-godesses [who btw just happen to be scantily clad, "I'm not a skank I'm 'free-spirited'" know that sort of thing].

Just like Azealia I also don't want no problems, I'm only saying their skanks because I'm jealous of their boogie and all the straight guys they get to bonk and lick. There's nothing hotter than a sunburned straight dude with MDMA plate-eyes and a FERAL PENCHANT FOR FOAMY BEVERAGES!

Although I won't let the trashion fashion go, so here's LAWeekly's 'The 13 Most Hardcore Ravers at Ultra' otherwise known as 'Gifs to make you Gip'!

[thanks Bear!]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, April 1, 2013
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