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!! OMG, what a frills: Jesse Ware's 'Imagine It Was Us' video !!

Jesse Ware played [by all accounts] an amazing show this weekend in Toronto...I wouldn't know, I was too busy eating out Mary Messhausen's MESSY OUT-HAUSEN at Hotnuts with Produzentin and Shaun J. Wright.

As I sit here pulling stale Nutella chunks and corn kernels out of my dentures, I'm thinking maybe the gig looked a little something like Jesse's new video for 'Imagine It Was Us', complete with disco ball tea-bagging, hooping earrings and those shark-eye diva bystanders at 1.51, serving platters full of peripheral disco side-eye all night long.

[via WAPS]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, April 8, 2013
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