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!! OMG, what the wrinklies thinklies: What Old People Think About Gay Sex !!

As Ronnie from Real Housewives of Vancouver would say I’m “a little bitch, arentcha?!” because for the first few seconds of this video I was like, “oh great, blooming old wrinkly sacks of grey sludge, saying things like “oh it’s none of my business” and that kind of crap”, and then of course they all end up being raging original homos; it just took my gaydar a while to kick in, I had it in ‘twink mode’, not ‘old mode’, and I totally judged the crap out of them, what a little bitch I am AREN’CHI ?!
These golden girls and gays are totally horned up and ready to pump, just mention the word sex and they are ON HEAT, the kind of heat you get from a SYNTHETIC QUILTED ELECTRIC BLANKET, and those things can burn houses down if left unchecked!

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