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!! OMG, with notes of patchouli and citrus and sandalwood and roseblooms and seabreeze and…: ‘Everything’ perfume by artists Lernert & Sander !!

Remember ‘Cake Face’ a wee while back, delicious right? Well artists/designers/filmmakers Lernert and Sander not only apply too much makeup, they also overdo the cologne; basically the sort of woman they are marketing towards is…well it’s CHIHUAHUA-HEADED TAN-GERINE-QUEEN Snooki!
Lernert & Sander are kicking up such a stink, as they dump all the fragrances released in 2012 into a big SMELL-WELL…I saw a vile of Bieber juice go in there [I think this is Selena-induced balling Bieber teardrops…holy water to all those true Beliebers].
And Snooki, before you jet off to Paris to steal this smelly sample to guzzle-dump all over your pleather-pores, remember girl, less is more, your face looks like a S’more!
[via boooooooom]

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