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!! OMG, Babe[s], Pig[s] in the City: NastyPig’s SS13 promo !!

OMG, Babe[s], Pig[s] in the City: NastyPig’s SS13 video [towleroad]
Dorothy’s painterly boobery: Bea Arthur nude painting sold for nearly 2 million [dlisted]
Ben Cohen cuddling babies [queerty]
In Liu of…: Lucy Liu for Net-a-porter [celebitchy]
Stark naked: Robb Stark’s botty-parts [ohlala]
Jessica Alba’s Street Fighter-grams [celebcafe]
She’s a squarker: Anouk’s ‘Birds’ [arjan]
Yes Plurs: Olly Murs for Walmart Risers [popbytes]
Why your purse is grosser than a toilet seat [jezebel]
Chloe throws shady goop at Gwyneth [socialitelife]
projectile milk: Harvey Milk Day Community photo project [kenneth]
Macaulay is roommates with hamster fiddling Pete Dougherty [evilbeet]
AfterElton’s ’10 Hottest Movie Villains Ever’ [thebacklot]
Kim Kardash-hounds’ Kankle-pops [amygrindhouse]
Trans-respectable: Pentagon recognises trans veteran [joemygod]
Wade Robson natter chatters about MJ on the Today Show [tabloidprodigy]
W for Watson: Emma Watson for W [theblemish]
Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, Pigeon: Clay Pigeon Golf Shooting [doubleviking]

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