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!! OMG, flipping grandma-zing!: 90 year old woman does back flips !!

OMG, flipping grandma-zing!: 90 year old woman does back flips [doubleviking]

Oh Mi oh my!: Miley for V magazine [dlisted]

Giggle Gosle: Ryan discusses climaxes with 'Only God Forgives' director [towleroad]

Students suspended for twerking really hard at school ?! [queerty]

Video reREESEd of Witherspoon's blabber-feud [celebitchy]

FLEX: Diego Fagoso for Reflex [ohlala]

Chris -of Kris Kross- Kelly found dead [celebcafe]

Jacob Banks' 'Worthy' video [arjan]

Katy Perry's dad thinks she's a "devil child" [popbytes]

Melissa Joan Hart chooses Clarissa over Sabrina! [jezebel]

It takes two: Cara Delevingne & Tom Hiddleston for Vogue

Turn Back Time: Cher and her mom on 'The Tonight Show' [kenneth]

Viva not Forever: Spice Girls musical cancelled [evilbeet]

Darren Criss cuddling a puppy [thebacklot]

Lo-far-to: Demi Lovato thinks Simon Cowell is "an old fart" [amygrindhouse]

Oprah interviews newly Out NBA player Jason Collins [preview] [joemygod]

Mimi-newals: Mariah renews her nuptials [tabloidprodigy]

Rose buds: Leo seen hanging out with Axl Rose [theblemish]

OMG, "Who Do You Think You Wear?": Sporty and Baby dress up as Sporty and Baby
OMG, Justice Joslin for 'Man of the World'
OMG, Björn this way: Harry Goodwins for Björn Borg undies
OMG, I'd stalk that: C-IN2's bi-curious commercial feat. Mike Stalker
OMG, pipe down Mr: Pee-Wee interviews Alex Jones

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, May 3, 2013
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