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!! OMG, Head & ShouldArs above the rest: Shanzhai Biennial’s Dark Optimism !!

Featuring Chinese model Wu Ting lip synching to a stolen Mandarin counterfeit of Sinead O’Connor’s original, wearing an imitation Head&ShouldArs shampoo sequined gown, New York-based art/brand amalgamation ‘Shanzhai Biennial’ look to release the “aura of a brand” by eliminating the impetuous to sell sell sell. Sorry guys I think you failed because I totes want that ANTI_DANDRUFF DRESS !
Shanzhai Biennial describe their practice as “[a] multinational brand posing as an art-project posing as an multinational brand posing as a biennial” with the term ‘Shanzhai’ referring to the Chinese trend for counterfeit production of this that and the kitchen skank.
Well you know what they say; “fake it till you make it…at home out of sequins cut from counterfeit shampoopoo bottles”…they say that you know !
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