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!! OMG, inter-activity: Micro Panda Shall Burst’s ‘Earth And Air And Rain’ EP !!

WARNING! For those of you who ever got a crayon stuck up their nose/ in their ear instead of just blooming colouring the picture in like you were supposed to; please do not click on this link, it is a rhythm nation procrastination sensation:
E A R T H & A I R & R A I N
For those of you who coloured within the lines please do proceed to follow the link to Micro Panda Shall Burst’s interactivity ‘Earth And Air And Rain’ EP, where you can cursor-control a rich tapestry of shifting colour pixels. I’m warning you CRAYON-NOSE, you’ll get your fingers stuck in the computer screen weaving loom or you’ll end up sat on your PC screen in an attempt to ride the magic carpet home from work…can somebody page the school nurse again !
Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.09.47 PM.png
[via dazed]

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