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!! OMG, Mama chats to Lama: Erykah Badu interviews Kendrick Lamar !!

One of hiphop’s best up-and-coming rappers and RnBs head-wrapping mama-who-knows gave each other a ringle dingle for a referential chin-wag when Kendrick missed his flight from Denver.
Erykah Badu natter chattered with Kendrick Lamar for…well Interview, asking such pertinent questions as:
“What is love?”
“What is God?”
“Who is your asshole checker?”
…and “What’s your favorite cereal?”…to which Kendrick’s answer is FRUITY PEBBLES…I flipping knew it!
Oh yeah and Erykah would love to rock a goatee…”a goatee with a hair wrap”
Read the entire conversation-of-the-brown-persuasion HERE.

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