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!! OMG, Mile High heels: Richard Branson looks like a Virgin !!


OMG, Mile High heels: Richard Branson looks like a Virgin [dlisted]

Space odd: Astronaut performs Bowie's 'Space Oddity' space [towleroad]

Mother load: Tan Mom to star in gay porno [queerty]

All of the lights, all of the lights: Kanye bumps his nogen on a road sign [celebitchy]

New Romantics by Joseph Sinclair [ohlala]

Paws for thought: Top 10 viral kitties [celebcafe]

Claire's video for 'Games' [arjan]

Work the line: Delta Work does 'Ring My Bell' [popbytes]

Gimme Mior!: Desserts with desserts on top at Mior Cafe [jezebel]

Royal Kate's due date [socialitelife]

Kenneth shows us his morning wood

Back To Bronze: Amy Winehouse statue revealed [evilbeet]

The 10 hottest Hitchcock movie men [thebacklot]

Peaches Geldof birthed a fuzzy little peach [amygrindhouse]

Turkey 'tash?: Turkish mustache transplants [joemygod]

Mafiah: Mariah fires Randy [tabloidprodigy]

Milemum maximum: Miley for Maxim [theblemish]

Fail out boys: best fails of the week [doubleviking]

OMG, Björn this way: Harry Goodwins for Björn Borg undies
OMG, DIAL-A-QUEEN: Ru's giyrls pick up the phone for 'Ring My Bell'
OMG, ömg sö adörable: Kentö 'Complicated'
OMG, flipping grandma-zing!: 90 year old woman does back flips
OMG, River runs Ru: Joan asks RuPaul about tucking and such

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, May 13, 2013
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