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!! OMG, pop that ass: Major Lazer’s ‘Bubble Butt’ !!

Featuring Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Mystic and Tyga, Major Lazer’s new video is basically saying that those sea punk rich white girls need to learn to lighten up and let loose and if they could just stop INSTA-GRANNYING for one second and dump their rumps around a bit then they would probably achieve something more sea-like such as a jellyfish twerk or a whale blubber crump, which is way more sea-punk than a stick insect!
P.s. Please will some raamp-a-daamp-daamp topless frat boys re-do this video with boys instead of girls; low budget will do, homemade is great, last-minute is fine; we here at omg blog will personally provide the tub for the BUBBLE-BUTT-CHUGGING SCENE; we have a pearlescent teal-green one out back you can use!
[via YMT]

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