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!! OMG, sounds good with Lamar: Solange’s LGWT now feat. Kendrick !!

From 2012’s True EP, Solange releases ‘Looks Good with Trouble’, with a newly acquired guest verse from Kendrick Lamar.
Now all we need is a re-re-release of the track, newly entitled ‘Looks Good with Muggles’, all about Hermione Granger trying to tame her tired-ass dry frizz fro to blend in with regular people during a summer holiday trip to Ibiza, featuring an outro rap verse by Hagrid…obv.

[via pitchfork]

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    Um…congrats on winning something….but are you really that excited to win something done by the sibling of a superstar? Beyonce is the talented one…sorange or whatever her name is, is a no talent who got to record a song solely because who her sister is

    Glad to hear it, Daniel! Your rhyme made our Spring! xo Frank

    so I win the asap/wk contest then the solange track I’ve been dying to hear as a full length song w lamar gets released; omg blog you are making my day.

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