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!! OMG, "sure it leaves a stain": Jiz' broken 'Hymen in her Thighs' !!

Featuring Tracy Chapman in her 'Fast Car', Kimber has a NSFW pony-puss-problem and so she 'shuts up and drives' away from 'Jiz and the Mammograms' only to 'shut up and drive' back and perform a remake of Riri's 'Diamonds' entitled 'Hymens':

"I'll break your soul I'll make your cry / I'll call you fat with the face of Bill Nye / You got a lazy eye and cellulite I'll break you like the hymen in your thighs" barf-day girl Cher some comeback competition !

OMG, I will snatch that weave like a pterodactyl! Jiz Returns For 'JIZ is DEAD' Episode featuring Willam Bell
OMG, watch two cute bitches drive a car
OMG, Cher-ing is caring: Cher 'Woman's World'
OMG, and the winner is...:not Anne Hathaway [wrong category]
OMG, what a lady-killer

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, May 20, 2013
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