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!! OMG, Wright on time: Stereogamous' 'Face Love Anew' highly featuring Shaun J. Wright !!

OMG, Wright on time: Stereogamous' 'Face Love Anew' highly featuring Shaun J. Wright [joemygod]

Ducking Bieber: Justin gets hug-bowled on stage in Dubai [dlisted]

Bus of Mormon: 'Book Of Mormon' sing-a-long [towleroad]

'Origami' anal condom [queerty]

Amanda Seyfried the new face of Givenchy [celebitchy]

Brothers Bartz: Fabio Bartz campaign by Eduardo Fiorindo [ohlala]

I smelled a girl: Katy Perry's 'Killer Queen' fragrance [celebcafe]

Peter Thomas remixes Phoenix' 'Entertainment' [arjan]

Wiiging out: 'Girl Most Likely' trailer [popbytes]

Agent Scully 'Wants To Believe' her daughter wont chase after men like she did [jezebel]

Kylie Minogue, very in-vogue: Kylie's winking peeper dress [socialitelife]

Arrested Development for EW [kenneth]

Keira Wifely: Mrs Knightly got marriaged [evilbeet]

Truly Bored: True Blood Season 6 trailer [thebacklot]

New 6 minute Star Trek preview [amygrindhouse via TooFab]

Union Gay: Union J's Jaymi Hensley shows support for younger gays [tabloidprodigy]

Alice Eve at Star Trek premier [theblemish]

Martha Stewart's dating profile according to Coco [doubleviking]

OMG, PROUD MARY: Tina Turner on the cover of German Vogue
OMG, Björn this way: Harry Goodwins for Björn Borg undies
OMG, drawing soft-focus: Marina and the Diamonds' 'State of Dreaming'
OMG, FLOORLESS: TV Show-home floor plans
OMG, Who wore it better?: Mrs Doubtfire Vs Kim Kardashian

» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, May 6, 2013
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this is my cousin. lol. thats crazy. love it.

» posted by Perris | May 6, 2013 5:34 PM

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