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!! OMG, Top Of The Tops: Nathaniel Marshall’s adult debut !!

American Idol 8 contestant Nathaniel Marshall came in -what like- 36th position the year that Adam Glambert clambered his way to the top [we’re ignoring Kris Allen because he’s just not as Diva as Glamadam Glambert]!
Well, not one to give in, Nathaniel has now been porn-reborn as Jadyn Daniels, swapping a microphone for various guy’s peeners in a much applauded attempt to top his way to the top.
Follow the NSFW jump to see Jadyn with his mic in his hand and having a good ol’ poke around. I wonder how the judges would score his performance, I think it’s good enough that Paula Abdul might for a minute forget that she worked so damn hard on that Bratz movie…all I can say is “where’s God when you need him”, eh Paula?!

[via the sword]

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    Usually bottoms make more money, but I agree with you.

    While I understand that tops make more money, this boy is too swish to top.

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