!! OMG, asses in a row: Warwick Rowing Team’s 2014 Calender countdown !!

You may ROWmemeber last years Warwick Rowing Team calendar countdown, as the boys bared all to raise money for our favorite sexy sports ally Ben Cohen’s Standup Foundation.

The money raised last year went towards building an LGBT Health and Wellbeing Centre in the UK, which is superb, because the only thing better than a rower who wants to show us his oar is an ALLIED rower who wants to show us his oar.

You can pledge to receive 2014’s calender HERE, where if you donate enough you can receive a DVD of the calender “making of…” which includes full frontal of Novice Men’s Captain Matt Dabell [above left].
In the meantime follow the jump below to see [as well as a couple of extras from last year’s] some NSFW sneaky shots from this years calender shoot.

[via justadream]

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