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!! OMG, “common inside”: The Face of Furry Creek, Episode 4 !!

For this week’s challenge the contestants were asked to come up with a public service announcement to see how they best represent the values of their ass-crack-of-nowhere mountain hub hole town.
What with her story of early childhood abandonment Deb [above] donned her pastel paintbox train-driver cap to do what “only deb knows for suresies” and introduce her home-spun home-based “center for the healings of umbilical chords that need unbrokening.”
Oh, erm, gee Deb, do you have enough scrunchie bobbles in the second scene of your PSA challenge?
If Deb won ‘The Face of Flurry Cock’ I would totally visit for a month long retreat at her “center for the healings of umbilical chords that need unbrokening”…total totes, thanks Deb !
You can watch Liz’s “Intervention for Greg’s Perversion Addiction” video, friend-of-Jesus Petunia Proudfoot’s Shania-esque “For Our Unborn Children” duet, and all the rest of the contestant’s PSA challenge videos HERE, and if you missed this week’s episode you can catch the roundup HERE.
I wish Liz was a contestant, I’d vote for her as she has a face like a furry creek, oh, and her garbage bag couture a couple of weeks back…I need that in my wardrobe !

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