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!! OMG, does too much sex kill? Frankie Valenti on the perils of adult film stardom !!


I'm always impressed when gay adult stars like Dale Cooper and Colby Keller go further than others in their field by promoting sex education and wider conversations around healthy sexuality. I also find that it makes them a fat wad sexier that they care about the health of those who watch them fuck, and a damn good job they do at that too.

In light of a string of recent suicides, adult entertainer andWhere We Belong actor Frankie Valenti aka Johnny Hazzard attempts to answer this question asked by writer and friend Brett Edward Stout: "Johnny, how did you survive?"

Read Valenti's article over at HuffPost in which he discusses the impacts, both positive and negative of following his chosen -often misinterpreted- line of work:

They don't prepare you in some "Porn Star 101" course about what is going to happen to you personally when you are crowned a "porn star." Things change that are permanent and not always for the best... You'll probably roll your eyes at this, but it's true. The impact of my work has made it so that I can't get a decent date to save my life, either. Are you finished rolling now?

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, June 10, 2013
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