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!! OMG, FISH FILLET: Alaska Thunderf*ck’s undertucked !!

When the library is closed, I can’t think of anything better than an evening ‘mongst the marshlands with my fishing rod dipped in the shallows, trying to catch myself a couple of tins of tuna or a packet of frozen salmon. The best way to do this is with a piece of bait, and I know one fishy queen who has a box of bait that she seems eager to share.
Alaska Thunderfuck may have lost RuPaul’s battle but she is totally WINNING THE WHORE as she has been seen with her bait box hanging out of recent. Follow the jump to see Thunderfuck’s Thunderfish-fillet… rumour is it’s scaly and bony and will feed a small Alaskan fishing village: GRUB’S UP!

[via justadream, image source Blomi Malone, who’s ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ Pride Portland performance is HERE]

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    Alaska got nekkid on stage at Roscoe’s in Chicago two weeks before the finale too. And stayed naked.


    I’ve also popped a link to your ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ performance at the end of the Alaska post.
    Sankyou sankyou my dear. DA x

    Our apologies Blomi,
    We reposted the picture from justadream.org, who had no picture credit so therefore had no source to credit. Of course we will add your twatter link, and thanks for your Alaskan rainbow trout photograph. DA x

    not like ;o

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