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!! OMG gossip: Who blackened Aaron Carter's pretty eye? !!


OMG, Aaron Carter got beat up by fans of a rival boy band! [dlisted]

Battered wife Nigella Lawson says "I'm not some kind of battered wife" [celebitchy]

New sweeping LGBTI legislation in the European Union [towleroad]

BREAKING: Miley Cyrus enjoys marijuana [tabloid prodigy]

Tom Cruise has his scary grip around a new woman [socialite life]

Big muscles in tiny bathing suits? Yep, it's Versace SS14! [oh la la]

Paula Deen can no longer promote ham as her contract is canceled [kenneth]

How many monkeys does Justin Bieber need? [popbytes]

What plastic surgery procedures would best enhance the NYC mayoral candidates? [joe]

Don't know Pasha Pellosie? Theatre fans put on your drool cups [boy culture]

New bi and trans-inclusive t-shirts from American Apparel [queerty]

OMG gossip: Paula Deen canned like a chicken
OMG gossip: Recovery is easier in a tiny bathing suit
OMG gossip: Helena vs. Lindsay
OMG gossip: Tom Cruise will not be told
OMG gossip: Paula Deen in freefall

» posted by Frank on Monday, June 24, 2013
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