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!! OMG, HAIRY & THE HENDERSONS: Breach’s ‘Jack’ !!

Honestly, if I don’t get a trim down there once a week I get all Maison Margiela hairy couture creature, so I can totally relate to the hair horrors in this video.
Featuring some seriously silky pubic facial wigs and an EBONY & IVORY ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ HIS & HERS’ dance-off, this is Breach’s video for ‘Jack’ which is the last thing I want to do after viewing this…in fact it should be called ‘Get Electrolysis’, as in;

“I want your body, everybody wants your body so let’s GET ELECTROLYSIS!”

Seriously, book an appointment now Hairy Mary, I’m getting pubes between my teeth just watching you ‘jack’!
[via discobelle]

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