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!! OMG, hot on the heels: Gesaffelstein's 'Pursuit' !!


You may recognise French Techno-tête GESAFFELSTEIN's noisy sound from his remix of Lana's Blue Jeans, or you may have heard his elongated pseudonym as co-producer on Kanye's latest offering of 'Yeezus Christ Pooperstar' or whatever it's called.

His newest solo release 'Pursuit' is out, and despite Youtube's attempts to blurry-censor the video, the uncensored version is still in hot pursuit. You can watch said video AFTER THE JUMP which includes ELATED ARYAN CHILDREN, a Versailles-esque twink knighthood, an angry nude-clad model some accusatory Agent Smiths and some serious dictatorial training regimes!

[Thanks Blake!]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, June 24, 2013
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