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!! OMG, “In an mmmbop they’re grown”: Taylor Hanson for Bullett !!

Managing not to throw up [as her thirteen year old self], Logan Brendt just about managed to get through a few questions with Mmmpop band Hanson front-man Taylor.
Amongst other things they chatted about Hanson’s “gospel”[?] routes, Taylor’s thoughts on “Bieber’s bubble” and choosing cotton over poly.
You can read the whole interview HERE and preview Hanson’s new Album Anthem HERE…oh, and congrats to Logan’s thirteen year old self for not puking from teeny-bop nerves!




    This band has evolved into something much more mature than what they were, and the gospel r-o-o-t-s are accurate. They are from Tulsa, and are raised christian, and if you ever listened to their newer stuff, you wouldn’t question that claim.

    Listen to their albums (there is more than just MMMbop) and you might understand why Taylor speak about their Gospel ROOTS. Even their first album track ‘With You In Your Dreams’ should give you an idea of why that is where they started.

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