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!! OMG, oops, it just FELL down: : Kylie's lyrical stop-motion 'Skirt' video !!

Lyric videos have become so much more than simply karaoke-esque shocking pink tickers with a bouncy ball that hops from one - word - to - the - next.

A couple weeks back Kylie collaborator Nom De Strip dropped her new track 'Skirt' at a set at Pacha Ibiza, which was then double dropped on the web shortly after.

Fellow Australasian photographer and director Will Davidson shot Kylie for NOWNESS barely donned in Alexander Wang and Jimmy Choos.

...and now Nowness is giving you the chance to win a Kylie-signed copy of one of the 1000 photos used throughout the kaleidoscopic lavender video.

You can also have a readypoo of Kylie's quick Q&A over HERE, where she speaks about digging to get the gold, joining Jay-Z's Roc Nation family and being She-Ra.

Kylie's 12th album is yet to be completed, but you know, it's like Kylie gets a POP PIMPLE that she just has to squeeze, every time Pride rears it's sparkle rainbow penis head, and if this is what comes streaming out of her pop pimple I say dig deep girl, get it all out!

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Friday, June 14, 2013
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