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!! OMG, pearls, glitter and rhinestones: The Face of Furry Creek, week 1; Auditions !!

Drop-shoulder peachy plume pushy mom Liz show’s us just how darned eager her 14 year old son isn’t to win Furry Creek’s ‘The Face of Furry Creek’ [not a child pageant competition] competition:

“And here we have contestant number three Greg’s mom’s son Greg’s mom’s son Greg”.

Oh hell, it it was a repetition competition, Liz’d be lying on the rostrum as she’d blooming be 1st, 2nd and 3rd as well.
You can see the other contestant’s audition tapes over at TFoFC’s web-of-joy-site, including Deb’s audition tape which wasn’t even made by her, but by rival and bezzie Sisi; so the video is sort of more about Sisi [isn’t everything] and sort of only features Deb for about 5 seconds and she’s poopy-dooping which seems a tad biased, unless your into ‘1 Girl 1 Cup’, in which case VOTE DEB [not really, shhhhh]!

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