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!! OMG, Petunia puts her proud-foot forward: Face of Furry Creek, episode 3 roundup !!

If you missed The Farce of Flurry Croak on Monday, here’s the roundup of it all you lazy bartch!
Just like Anderson Pooper the contestants hopped on the instagranny-trolly to pap some “unChristian” pictures of this that and the other.
In this episode we found out why Sisi Sickles’ “misshapen and sagging body” got eliminated, how new contestant and friend-of-Jesus Petunia Proudfoot manages to wear such an enormous denim skirt and why reporter Brenda Bergman always has one busy hand behind her back as she admits to some nightly hidden hand calamities.
You can follow the contestants of TFoFC HERE, where you can vote for you most least worst nominee.

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    Thanks Pacific Northwest Guy,
    We are looking into correcting this.
    Thanks for bringing it up
    da x

    Was this article written in English?

    Was this article written in English?

    Completely off topic–but what’s up with all the auto-play audio on the main page lately? There’s nothing I can see that’s actually “playing”, and has a stop button. It’s getting a bit irritating to be honest.

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