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!! OMG, pop dem cherry: [ft. Neneh Cherry & Ari Up] House of Wallenberg’s ‘Real Woman’ !!

Following ‘Be Somebody’ which we showcased earlier in the year, the B-side of which featured fellow Swede Neneh Cherry, House Of Wallenberg brings you another Cherry collaboration-of-the-dancehall-persuasion in the form of ‘Real Women’.
Showcasing all sort of ‘real’ women in all sorts of Jeremy Scott where-the-wild-things wardrobe wonders including and discluding;
a primary coloured totem pole floor length body huger,
a winged zippered totem crop top and
a monkey face back-to-front duffel-bag bra thingy-ma-jig

Get out your steel drum tutorial vhs, get ready for DANCEHALL QUEEN ARMAGEDDON !
[via discobelle]

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