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!! OMG, she’s having a melt-down: HK119’s ‘Iceberg’ !!

Looking like Artemis Bell in a pair of mime gloves, Finnish performance artist Heidi Kilpeläinen embodies the iceberg she sings about: like the iceberg she’s big, she’s scary, and she would kill a boat full of people in the middle of the night if you accidentally bumped into her ass on the dancefloor.

“Im a little iceberg, floating towards you”

_I have to say Heidi you are so scaring me right now with your CARDBOARD CUTOUT WHITE-EMMENTAL-CHEESE-SLICE-CROWN
I can’t tell whether she’s just getting tired of prancercising at 4.00 or if she’s actually having a full on middle-aged melt-down. Go buy her album before she looses it !
[via wonderland]



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