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!! OMG, “tearing down that bitch of a bearing wall”: Emma Finn’s ‘For Everything to Go Exactly as Planned’ !!

ECA artist Emma Finn used to study Psych and then worked in mental health, which is obvious as her artwork is flipping off-it’s-nutty-rocker!

“I’m drawn to film because it is a curious place regarding dimensions. It’s sometimes referred to as the ‘fourth dimension’ because it contains time but it often appears to us on a flat 2D plane, on a screen.”

In her above video piece entitled ‘For Everything to Go Exactly as Planned’, what appears to be an on-site planning meeting takes place between three workers, as narrated by a pendulating wrecking ball.
Much discussion and gesturing ensues as the executives look to make a difficult consensus which would have been a lot quicker had Alaska been there, because she “takes her job very seriously [and] by God there better not be any bullshit”!
[via hunger]

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    Thanks Emma
    duncanalexander x

    Thanks for the mention, if you need a different link as that one seems to not be working I have one on Vimeo as well

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