!! OMG, that’s knot knitwear: Philli Wood’s Westminster BA ’13 collection !!

Philli Wood’s BA collection plays with flat cable knit print on neon peachy and pinky sporting nylons, with the silhouettes oversized down to the way-thicker-than-is-practical rubber tie-strings…I can just imagine trying to synch these garments in at the waist you would need all number of burly seafarers to tandem yank the rubber drawstrings…”and HAAAAUL and HAAAAUL”, some guy beating a drum to keep them in time!
The colours, layering and VOLUMINOUS EXTREMES are so fun with this collection, including a winged-chiffon breazy top [after the jump] blown up to hang down to the knee and make the model look like one of those PEACHY BEACHY DANCING BABY STINGRAY!

[via dezeen]

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  1. Bjork. Volta. 2007.

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