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!! OMG, CATheter costumes: Wasabi-chan's knitted CATstumes !!


Wasabi-chan was attacked by a crow The Omen style last month that pecked this purrer real good until she was rescued by a passerby and rushed to the animal hospital.

Because when you tell kitties not to pull out their feeding tube or they will die they simply meow and swipe, Wasabi-chan's owner decided simply to humiliate her by outfitting her in figure-hugging crocheted costumes that would restrict her clawing movements and thus save her life right meow and simultaneously save the lives of everybody who sees her in her knitted 'shroom garb who are living for it's cuteness.

And obv her owner, not content with donning her dying kitty in a forest fungus costume [above] went one better and dressed her as a rectal prolapse inflamed pink sock [below].
If I was Wasabi-chan, girl I would die of shame, oh the shame of that time my mom dressed me as an anal injury and posted it on instagranny for all to see !


[via mashable, thanks Bear!]

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» posted by Duncan Alexander on Monday, July 15, 2013
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