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!! OMG gossip: Josh Hutcherson gets sexty !!

Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson takes his iPhone photography below the belt [queerty]
Yes, the Grumpy Cat “Grumppuccino” exists [dlisted]
Gwyneth Paltrow needs her children to attend British school [celebitchy]
Betty Crocker is cashing in on gay weddings [towleroad]
Who is the hot new addition to the cast of Revenge? [oh la la]
OMG, shirtless Mario Lopez with a baby [socialite life]
Gays could potentially be blocked from juries based on their sexual orientation [kenneth]
Lindsay Lohan identifies the source of her problems: other people [popbytes]
Taylor Swift will not appear in the One Direction movie [evil beet]
OMG, Nicki Minaj is engaged [all hip hop]
Rihanna didn’t show up for court [tabloid prodigy]
Russia will not stop enforcing the anti-gay propaganda bill during the Olympics [joe]
“Before and after” photos have never been this deceptive [boy culture]

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