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!! OMG gossip: This is actually the gayest show on television !!


OMG, Teen Wolf nipple play! [boy culture]

Matt Lauer wines and dines his 20-year-old intern [celebitchy]

Rugby streaker strikes graceful poses as he flees security [dlisted]

And rugby hunk George Burgess shows off his impressive piece in these nude selfies [oh la la, nsfw]

Newly single Zachary Quinto walks his dog in a summer appropriate, chest-baring outfit [socialite life]

Guys take off their clothes for this feminist response to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video [queerty]

Longtime gay blogger Michael Signorile got married today [joe]

Eva Longoria wants everyone to know that she did not have sex with George Clooney [evil beet]

OMG, it's a lion, tiger and bear love triangle! [kenneth]

Trayvon Martin's parents speak out for the first time since the verdict [all hip hop]

Tina Turner is married again at 73 [tabloid prodigy]

Jane Lynch remembers Cory Monteith [popbytes]

OMG, husband and McBride: Maya Rudolph and Danny McBride do 'Awkward Family Photos'
OMG, down-under where ?: George Burgess' scrum bum
OMG gossip: When celebrity dating gets dark
OMG gossip: Recovery is easier in a tiny bathing suit
OMG, gossip: Ryan Philippe and Breckin Meyer's lost kiss from "54"

» posted by Frank on Friday, July 19, 2013
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