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!! OMG, how pharaoh-cious: ‘Pure Breeds – The Saluki’ !!

In the third and final episode of Graydon Sheppard‘s Pure Breeds we are introduced to the Saluki; the Galadriel of the dog world, a Noldorin princess who’s been around forever and ever, complete with mind reading/talking abilities and Cate Blanchett-esque poise and shimmer !
When the first shot came on for episode three I knew I wanted a Saluki; frolicking across the screen like a floppy angel delight, changing color all the while, I thought “this is it, a mood ring dog, I need one.”
Before you googlie-goggle where is the nearest place you can get one of these canine-angel-ladies head over to NOWNESS, where Graydon discusses this week’s ribbon rosette-wearing baby-hating dog’s judgy side, Tutankhamun roleplaying pharaohsity and water retching canine calamities.



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