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!! OMG, HOW REGAL: ‘Pure Breeds – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’ !!

Written and directed by Graydon Sheppard of Shart Gals Say and !! omg blog !! editorial fame and voiced by John Roberts of Honey Badger and Debra Debbie Cakes notability comes the new series “Pure Breeds.”
In episode 1 we are introduced to the precious little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with it’s floppy ear-flaps and googly boggly peepers. We also see rare footage of doggie namesake King Charles himself selecting the perfect pineapple for his preferred tipple, the RIGHT ROYAL PI√ĎA COLADA !
You can also read a brief interview with Sheppard OVER AT NOWNESS, where he discusses CANINE-INDUCED-FACIAL-SECRETIONS, Sri Lankan mamas and Persian assholes.

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